First African Baptist Church

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Because it is our mission to be “The Church In The Community For The Hearts Of The Community”, we believe that it is important to contribute a portion of our time, talent and treasures to bless others and enable the work of other organizations that impact lives educationally, culturally, socially and economically. Listed below are groups that we proudly support prayerfully and financially:


vFABC Scholarship Program

vLexington Black Church Coalition

v#2 African Cemetery

vKentucky State University Spiritual Ensemble

vLott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention

vFOP #4

vYMCA Black Achievers Program

vFABC Emergency Assistance Fund






Ferrill Square Apartments

Offers affordable and secure housing for eligible Senior and Disabled members in our community. Units are Available!.

Daily Bread

Inspirational Messages


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Map Directions

Map Directions